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Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate has a long established history in the global real estate community. From the first Directory that sparked the creation of the worldwide network to our new Apple TV App that showcases the best of luxury listing videos, here you will find a comprehensive history of our greatest accomplishments.

1986 — Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate Founded.

John Brian Losh identifies the need for a network for luxury professionals and founds Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate.

1986 — 1st Edition of Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate

The first editon of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, a compendium of the finest residential real estate firms from around the world, is published.

1995 — Launched

Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate creates, the first collection of multi-million dollar properties on the internet.

1995 — 1st Annual Luxury Real Estate Fall Conference

The best real estate professionals from across the globe convene in Quebec City, commencing the first of many conferences.

1995 — 1st European Ski Trip

Members from the Who’s Who network travel to Chamonix, France for the first European Ski Trip.

1999 — 1st Forbes Recognition

Forbes “Best of the Web” recognizes as the premier luxury real estate website.

2001 — Luxury Real Estate Magazine Published

Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate publishes the inaugural Luxury Real Estate Magazine, showcasing the best luxury properties from around the world.

2002 — 1st Website Redesign

Keeping up with the progression of the Internet, releases the first website redesign, forgoing flash animation for golden accents.

2003 — 1st Annual Spring Retreat

With seven years of successful Fall Conferences, Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate begins hosting the Spring Retreat. Members traveled from every corner of the globe to convene in Arizona.

2004 — Board of Regents Created

The Board of Regents is created; each member selected based on their leadership and longstanding success in the real estate industry.

2004 — 2nd Website Redesign

Moving from a gold-and-black color scheme to a royal blue, redesigns and expands.

2006 — 1st International Symposium

As the worldwide membership of the Who’s Who network grows, members assemble in Munich, Germany.

2007 — 3rd Website Redesign continues to grow, and the Interactive Media Team updates the website to a sleeker, more dynamic design.

2008 — Launched Week in Review Newsletter

Seeking to feature important news from the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate network, the Week in Review includes News from the Network, Significant Sales, Industry Moves, and Blogs from members.

2009 — 1st Webby Awards Recognition

The Webby Awards, the leading award honoring excellence on the Internet, recognizes

2012 — 4th Website Redesign

With three Featured Properties front-and-center, presents itself as the premier website showcasing multi-million dollar properties.

2012 — Launched Global Luxury Search launches GLS, letting members expand their listings’ global exposure.

2013 — Releases Mobile App

With an ever-growing mobile audience, creates a Luxury Real Estate mobile app. The browser website is also equipped with mobile-responsive design.

2013 — 1st Maggie Award for Luxury Real Estate Magazine

Western Publishing Association awards Luxury Real Estate Magazine with their first Maggie Award, deeming it one of the best publications in the Western world.

2014 — Redesign

Launching a shiny new updated brings the Board of Regents more exposure and engagement, through a property search, map, and directory.

2016 — 1st WMA Awards “Best Directory or Search Engine” and “Best Mobile Design”

With a growing mobile viewership and a comprehensive property search database, both categories are vital to the success of

2016 — Launches Luxury Real Estate TV App

Showcasing property videos from, the Apple TV app quickly rises to the top in the Apple TV Store.

September 2016

Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate Celebrates 30 Years in Business!