Bill Mitchell, Managing Director of Carmel Realty Company, Interviewed by the Community Foundation of Monterey County

Posted by — May 30, 2017

1496162568CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA, CA - We interviewed Bill Mitchell, Managing Director, Carmel Realty Company, about partnering with the Community Foundation for Monterey County through the Carmel Realty Foundation, his company’s donor advised fund, to take their giving to the next level.


The Carmel Realty Company has a rich history and a reputation for integrity, longevity and excellence. Now in its fourth generation in local real estate, the Mitchell Family, joint owners of Carmel Realty Company, have made giving back a key component of their company’s culture.

Giving Back

“We have a strong foundational belief that you share your success and give back to the local community that has given you so much as an individual and as an organization,” says Bill Mitchell.

“There are 20 staff and 45 agents involved in the Carmel Realty family of businesses.  Each is involved in giving themselves and many serve as board members. Everyone gave on their own, but the giving wasn’t formalized. They/We wanted to facilitate their employee’s involvement.”

“I had known about the Community Foundation for many years through serving on the real estate committee, helping them turn complex gifts into cash for charitable purposes. I came to understand how the CFMC can accommodate personal philanthropic decisions,” he noted.

Carmel Realty Foundation

Acting on their commitment to supporting important community causes, they partnered with the CFMC to establish the Carmel Realty Foundation, a corporate donor advised fund that helps the company reduce its administrative burden and increase and diversify its giving.

“Rather than the expense and burden of a private foundation, we established the Carmel Realty Foundation at the Community Foundation in 2015,” Bill continued.  “It allowed us to formalize and simplify what we were already doing. It’s even increased our giving since it has made it so much easier.”

“Our main guideline is to give local. I think it makes more of an impact if a gift is focused on a local organization, which may have a smaller budget.”

Matching Gifts

The Carmel Realty Company builds on their employees’ generosity through a matching gifts program which the CFMC administers. It helps their giving go further.

Employees come with their own suggestions and the Carmel Realty Foundation is informed by the CFMC about other opportunities to give. This past summer the CRF responded and made a grant to the Soberanes Fire Fund, in addition to supporting youth, arts, health and other areas.

Giving Time

Besides giving money, the agents devote themselves to the community through board service. Most are long-time residents who serve on multiple boards of directors to help effect positive change.

Bill has served on the advisory board of the Veteran’s Transition Center, and All Saints Day School, Carmel Library Foundation, and is a current CFMC board member, where he serves on the grants committee.

Passing Down Values

Another way the Carmel Realty Foundation is taking their giving to the next level is by passing their philanthropic values to the next generation.

They are now involving the children of employees in recommending grants. The process is open to children of all employees. They want to teach them the importance of giving back and how to make decisions around supporting the causes they care about.

“Our company has always had a focus on philanthropy. We’re excited to take it to the next level through our partnership with the Community Foundation.” – Vicki and Bill Mitchell, Co-owners, Carmel Realty Company 

For companies who may wish to simplify their giving for greater impact, visit or call 831.375.9712.

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